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What will ye, and what is your errand?

You are a fighting man, a trained warrior in dangerous times. Your father rules from a strong fortress in the South of Britain, a bastion of order against the lawless wilds, the untamed Welsh and the invading Saxons. You are trained in sword and spear, armour and horse. You have been taught your duty and loyalty to your family, your Lord and your King (Uther Pendragon).

Pendragon is unlike any other role playing game you have played. It is gritty and dangerous. There is little immediate magic. Healing is measured in weeks. Your family is important (and play will cover several generations in this campaign). Development of your family fortune and your standing in Logres will consume your energies. Adventuring will occur as a by-product of the strange and sometimes mystical world of Logres as it interacts with the world of Faerie, and the machinations of enemies of your Lord and your King.

What matters to your character most is Glory. Other people in the world automatically know your relative standing in terms of your glory. The most glorious person in the realm is Uther Pendragon, the High King. Glory is the measure of success and influence. Glory can be gained through great deads or notoriety, great generosity or outstanding attributes. It is in portion inherited – a son may be judged by the deeds of his father.

You will be playing The Great Pendragon Campaign, which covers over 80 years around the time of King Arthur, from the last years of Uther Pendragon, to the decline of the Round Table and the departure of Arthur. Play sessions will be about a year apart in campaign time, and many “housekeeping” activities will occur between play sessions. Sometimes these housekeeping sessions will be important role playing opportunities and will be as absorbing as a good head to head session. We will use this portal to conduct much of the essential between sessions activities and supplemental play. This portal will also be used to advance the story and prepare characters for the upcoming session, as well as to chronicle their deeds from prior sessions. You will get much more out of play if you both check in to this portal, and contribute to the various story threads as they develop between sessions.

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