Character creation

Edition and allowed materials
I will be using the King Arthur Pendragon 5.1 rules edition, and I will also allow “The book of Knights and Ladies” advanced options for those that want them.

The campaign starts in the King Uther years (485). The rules for equipment are listed here.

Starting age (Year of birth)
The campaign begins in 485, and characters will be born between 465 and 471. Note that starting characters can be very young (15 to 21) – it was not uncommon for knights to be in their teen years and riding to battle. The feel of these times is dark ages. People talk fondly of Roman Rule, missing the sense of law and order and civilization the Romans brought.

Homeland, Religion and Culture
The possible religions for starting characters include Roman Christian, British Christian, Pagan (traditional british celtic religion), the culture would be Cymric and the homeland would be Salisbury (the county). Other possibilities are available (Saxon, Irish, Pict to name a few) but would be rare – but see the note below about female characters.

Female Characters
Characters may be male or female. I will warn that female knightly characters would not have occured, but I would be happy to adjust the millieu slightly to make it not just possible but somehwat feasible. If you wish to play a female character, you will be a foreigner. People are more willing to accept that foreigners “do things differently” than to permit one of their own to break the social rules. So female characters might be Saxon, Irish or even Pict in origin (for example), and have traveled to Salisbury for some reason that will have to be created for game purposes.

Character creation

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